About me

Here's my story.

I'm a Frontend Engineer, UI UX Designer and content creator who has a passion for learning and building my knowledge at the intersection of design and engineering.

Currently I work at dcSpark as a Frontend Engineer building awesome web3 products, I'm building a dev community on Instagram, FrontendUI , where I share thoughts & tips to learn more about coding and design. Besides that, I write about my findings on my blog and post helpful tech-related tidbits on Twitter.

My curiosity and self-taught personality are what helped to keep me up-to-date on the latest technologies and being interested inmost of things. I'm motivated by building digital products that people enjoy and can be used to improve their lives.

Some things to note.


  • Launched updated portfolio 2022

    Launched my new portfolio using Next, TailwindCSS, MDX and use external APIs for images and contact form.

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  • Launched updated portfolio 2021

    Launched my new portfolio using Next, Chakra UI, MDX and deployed on Vercel.

  • Contributed to Open Politica

    Started collaborating in an open source web project to help Peruvian people to elect their vote in 2021.

  • Joined Ultraspeaking

    I participated in Ultraspeaking Cohort to gain self-confidence, clarity, stop overthinking and enjoy more speaking.

  • Mentoring

    In January, I started to help more people with coding challenges related to Front-End.


  • Started a blog

    In July, I decided it was time to start sharing what I've learning over the years.

  • Started learning more about Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

    I started reading, watching, consume online content about Blockchain and Crytocurrencies to work with it.

  • Started new job at Emurgo

    Joined Emurgo as a FrontEnd Engineer and started working remotely for the first time.

  • Launched updated portfolio 2020

    Launched my new portfolio version using React, Styled Components, Contentful and deployed on Netlify.


  • Started new job at Disnovo

    Joined Disnovo as a Front-End Developer and UX UI Designer.

  • International Exchange in USA

    Participated in an international exchange program to work abroad for over 4 months.

Do you want to check out my previous portfolios during these years?

  • Version 5.0 (Current) Released in 2022

  • Version 4.0 Released in 2021

    Watch Live
  • Version 3.0 Released in 2020

    Watch Live
    Contentful CMS
    Styled Components
  • Version 2.0 Released in 2018

    Watch Live
  • Version 1.0 Released in 2017


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Lets Talk!

I am always open to collaborate, build cool stuff, or help with coding challenges. Feel free to drop an “Hi or Hola” back, or just writing me a tweet, or sending me an email.

Plus, you can follow me onFrontendUIwhere I keep creating content about front-end stuff.

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